Chapter of the California Reading Association

2021-2022 Professional Learning Series

This year we will take a deeper look at how to teach readers through our shared practice of literacy instruction in real classrooms. We will consider the research around learning to read as well as the science behind how the brain functions while developing as a reader. Come with us on this journey! 

2020-2021 Professional Learning Series

Join us for a deeper look into DISTANCE LEARNING.

SCCRA is committed to providing Santa Cruz County's educators with a space to think critically and deeply about their successes and challenges with virtual education.

We will read The Distance Learning Playbook and complete reflective assignments while also offering support for each other as we navigate this new world of learning and teaching.


2019-2020 Professional Learning Series

SCCRA is proud to offer a professional learning series titled Strategic Reading Instruction: Supporting All Levels of Reader.

This course is designed to support teachers in their reading instruction. Teachers will participate in a series of meetings, each focused on a strand of foundational skill needed to become a proficient reader. Teachers will be asked to complete readings from texts, Teacher’s Editions and articles to help deepen their understanding of the reading process. Teachers will be asked to complete assignments of their choice based on their readings or the content of the meetings they have attended. They will be expected to discuss and contribute their experiences and perspectives on the reading work that is occurring in their classrooms. Additional units can be earned through discussions of observations throughout the year and a case study within their own classrooms three times a year.

Course Documents

Earn professional units from Live Oak School District (if you're an employee) or through UOP!